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Part I Ch 6 Reincarnated Devils. Part 0 Ch 10 Xenovia, being an exorcist of the Church, also didn't get along well with the Devils. While a faithful member of the Church, her beliefs are flexible enough to accept help from a Dragon such as receiving a free lunch after Irina spent all their money on a fake painting of a Saint and wanting to not only accomplish their mission but survive afterward as well. Part II Ch 6A Xenovia at first didn't like her at all because she turned into a Devil and still believed in God, and wanted to kill her so she could be forgiven and even called her a "witch", which saddened Asia greatly. However, the sword was later returned to her and fused with Durandal to form Ex-Durandal. According to Issei, her fighting style is comparable to that of a Rook despite being a Knight, referring to her as a "Power idiot".

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This attire is worn under a white hooded cloak with gold and blue accents. After Xenovia's life was put in danger three years prior to the series, because of her formerly long hair in a mission with Irina to exterminate a stray vampire from the House of Manthar, she chose to cut her long hair to prevent that kind of thing from happening again. Team Journey to the West. Demonic Power: Xenovia has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

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When Asia was thought to have been killed by Shalba Beelzebub , she became enraged. Do you like this video? Using this armor, her strength and speed are increased to where a single swing of Durandal was powerful enough to leave a large crater even changing the terrain and fast enough to outpace even Nero. After learning that Diodora purposely set up Asia and his reason for doing so, as well as kidnapping her, Xenovia wanted to take his head and would have if Issei hadn't talked her out of it. Reincarnated Devils. A good friend of Xenovia. Sign In Don't have an account? Artist CG.

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Featured in collections. Devious Collection by matejkus. Best porn on kodi in groups See All. Xenovia swimsuit 30 7K 1 Today. Visual Art Resource Digital Art. A couple screenshots from episode ddx of Highschool DxD New. Who wouldn't want to she their girl in swimsuiy swimsuit. Image size. Comments Join the community to add Highschool dxd xenovia swimsuit comment.

Already Cutscenes net deviant. Sign In. Xenovia just looked sexy in this swimsuit. Yes, yes she does. Island nackt I can see Tube mom sexy Issei is so attracted to her. HuruSaitama Hobbyist Artist. Highschool dxd xenovia swimsuit Sexy Xenovia and she Hifhschool sexy hot in her bikini.

I love it. But which xejovia better, this or Rias sling bikini. Okay then. I liked Xenovia and this swimsuit. It is good. Yeah, that purple sling is Although this was a surprise. Ya, she leaves the church and hungers for sex. Sometimes I think That Akeno Highschool dxd xenovia Highschool dxd xenovia swimsuit his swimssuit model.

She is hot. Neon-Sinister Hobbyist General Artist. Xenovia is HOT. I know right. Issei is a lucky guy. Can't wait for season 4. Issei gets all the beauties. She loves swimauit beach They are at the school pool.

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Team Trump Card of Heaven. Xenovia, however, is weak in technique when compared to Kiba preferring to use power in all her attacks. True Dragon. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Team Phoenix. Gods and Buddhas. Dragon God. This page contains information from sources yet to be translated.

Highschool DxD Hero: Xenovia Is Uh Practically Naked?

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