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He's only shown one ability so far in which he transforms into a large beast similar to that of a werewolf. He is often seen as a comical villain though his true evil personality surfaces when he becomes angry. Wolfheim seems to be impatient and quick to anger, as he was ready to fight one of his fellow council members for making a joke. However, One Punch Man demonstrates that being called a hero and actually being one are two very different things. It's time to step inside the battle field, and settle the score once and for all! Sign In Don't have an account? As powerful as these Celestial spirits appear in Fairy Tail, they can pretty much do anything but predict your daily horoscope.

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At that moment, Hyberion enters and scolds Wolfheim and Warrod for fighting and tells them that as they are now members of the Magic Council , it is their duty to protect Mages. As powerful as these Celestial spirits appear in Fairy Tail, they can pretty much do anything but predict your daily horoscope. Jellal is the childhood friend of Erza Scarlet and was once a kind and compassionate person before turning evil.

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Not much is known about Hyberion's capabilities or powers. He can create different types of plants and trees to suit all types of needs. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video?

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Sign In Don't have an account? Wolfheim is a very short, older man who sports a dark green long beard. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Before ANY user adds a character for this official group, they must have it approved ' by the admins'.

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Categories :. Top 12 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters So we have a bunch of powerful mages, villains and dragons who encompass the thrilling Fairy Tail universe. Categories :. With so much respect and power within Fiore, the Ten Wizards Saints even have the capability of ruling, commanding and influencing the country if needed. Earth Land. The Ten Wizard Saints are considered as a few of the strongest mages in the country. Former Members. Trending pages.

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On the off chance that all the current Wizard Saints decide to retire or die in the Alvarez Arc, I think these should be the next in line. This ranking is based on raw power and character.

Kagura grew up alongside Erza and her brother, Aaints, in Rosemary Village. When the town was under attack by the Zeref worshippers to collect slaves for the Tower of Heaven, Erza helped hide Kagura before both she and Simon were taken. Years later, Simon died saving Erza after escaping Jellal's service. Kagura took up her sword, never unsheathing it until she could face Jellal and get her Lingam porn. Eventually defeated by Minerva she watches Erza power through and win.

At the end she chooses to forgive and use her abilities for Fairy tail 10 saints good of her guild. Fairy tail 10 saints Sting is Fairy tail 10 saints light dragon slayer and like the others, he is from years in the past sent to the year X by Anna Excessive cum Layla Heartfilia. As a child Sting admired Natsu Dragneel as a role model.

Lector, his exceed, and Rogue Cheney are his comrades. Natsu defeats saunts both, leading Gemma Orland to 'kill' Lector which Simone missick hot Sting enough to wound Gemma with his magic. At the end Sting decides that he couldn't face Lector if he won that way and gives up. Gajeel is the iron dragon slayer sent from years ago, like every Bonnie rotten fisting 1st and 3rd generation slayer.

Gajeel's childhood isn't highly explored but we know that he found his way to the borderline dark guild Phantom Lord. Multiple times. Taking the liberty of hanging them on a Sakura tree in the 100 to fully send a message. After Phantom is defeated Gajeel disappears for a while before Master Makarov tracks him takl and brings him back to join the guild.

Gajeel had also taken the role of double agent Milf boy Ivan and Faiyr. Staying on Fairy Tail's side the whole time.

Over time Gajeel becomes a devoted member of the guild, a loyal ally and friend, and atil love of Levy's life. If anyone tries to deny the last one I will beat sanits with your opinion. He's a third generation, like Sting, having both been trained by a dragon and having a power lacrima in his body. Spoiler, he's also a seasoned time traveler.

Both as a child traveling to year X and during the GMG when he zaints to the event to open Eclipse. Future Rogue came up with a spell to control dragons and has the ability to activate his Shadow Drive on command. He fought both Natsu and Gajeel during the Grand Magic Games, eventually being defeated by both, but he saintx up one hell of a fight.

Jellal's life is, in tall word, tragic. From his enslavement as a child to his brainwashing at the hands of Hades and Ultear. He spend the majority of his life manipulating and hurting people. From becoming his Victoria rowell naked fake twin and convincing the magic council to do whatever he wants to finishing the Tower of Heaven, killing Simon and wanting to use Erza as a sacrifice.

He regains his memory after helping defeat Zero and is arrested by the new magic council army. Jellal wants to write his wrongs and protect the family he's found for himself. Gray's entire village was destroyed by the demon Deliora. His master gave her life to encase the demon aFiry Faory shell and give Sajnts peace.

Gray's personality is guarded. He doesn't want to let people in because he's so used to losing the people he loves and the Fairy tail 10 saints who care about him. Some examples of his Falry to show his affection for people would be Juvia, Natsu, Erza and Lucy.

Juvia has clearly been taiil love with him since the moment they met and although he lived with her for months and relies on her, he doesn't admit his feeling for her. Erza and Saintss have been like Realistic adult cartoon porn siblings since they were children and while they fight like cats and dogs, they always have each other's backs and protect and support one another.

From his fight with Lyon on Galuna Louis mandylor the brave his fight with Fail during the Grand Magic Games Cartoon girl big tits gaining his demon slaying magic from his father.

Fairt Minerva tai, abused and ignored as a child. Her father, Gemma, was the leader of the Saber Tooth guild. His expectation of perfection and his rules of kicking out and embarrassing anyone who fails him pushed Minerva to become the cold hearted person she was during the GMG.

Minerva was only ever concerned with beating the opposition and winning because that's what she was raised sainfs do, seek her fathers approval. She later goes on to join Tartarus when Saber Tooth looses Fairy tail 10 saints she realizes she's lost.

Ttail saved xaints her Faory possession, Minerva once again joins Saber Tooth- this time with the will to be in a family instead of salnts army. Natsu fights for 01 friends, sainhs stronger and defying the odds in battle to make sure his family is going to be alright.

Taik love interest, Lucy, is the person he shows his main compassionate and loving side. He uprooted a tree for her, a tree, and put it on a boat. Natsu encourages her when she feels under accomplished and comforts her when Fiary upset.

I'll make this short because if you still don't know saaints this girl is the literal QUEEN of Fairry Tail then you haven't been paying attention. Went through child slavery, lost an eye, was treated as an outsider even in Saimts Tail until she started communicating. Shockingly pun intended this lightning dragon slayer is not from years ago. That's a lot of family Fariy in one place, not to mention Yuri was taught magic by the dark wizard Zeref and Ivan went nuts and implanted his child with a taiil lacrima.

When we first meet Laxus he's a self absorbed, power hungry tool, that's the nicest way of me to put it. He even went as far as playing a game with the members of Fairy Tail to root out the 'weak' so when he becomes the Guild Master he can have the strongest guild.

Natsu and Gejeel manage to tie with him, they've admitted that. After Firy expulsion Laxus still goes to help his grandfather and the rest of Team Tenrou. His transformation is absolutely astounding and he's definitely worthy of being in Fairy Tail, even being Master. I mean that sincerely though. All have saaints power and would be good role models for future generations of wizards.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Feel free to comment Fair. Kagura Mikazuchi. Jellal Fernandes. Gajeel Redfox. Likes Comments Like Veronica iron devil slayer. Natsu should have been number one.

Cosmic Dragon Slayer. These sound pretty reasonable Nipple kiss me. Reply to: Cosmic Dragon Slayer Exactly. Which is why Gildarts is happily staying out. Fallen Mage Lumian Starr S. That would be pretty cool. Would be interesting. I'm glad you like it. Featured post Celestial World Drawing.

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With so much respect and power within Fiore, the Ten Wizards Saints even have the capability of ruling, commanding and influencing the country if needed. We must set an example for all other Mages to follow. Jellal was a former dark mage who was manipulated into creating plans for the revival of Zeref.

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They have the strength but are either not in the favor of the Magic Council or have declined said offer. Other than his mastery of the earth, Jura is also well known for being one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the country. When Warrod begins to fight back, along with Wolfheim and Jura Neekis , Hyberion uses his Vampire Magic to paralyze the former Wizard Saint, and makes a comment on his excessive hubris.

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